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Casting Services

Castings at Studio Soho

Giles Foreman Casting and Coaching provides the industry with a new concept in the process of casting, from audition room through to the realisation of a character on film.


As one of the Europe’s leading film acting coaches, Giles brings a wealth of experience in the creation of character and in the industry generally, throughout Europe and the USA.


Giles is an expert on the Character Analysis work pioneered at the Drama Centre London under Yat Malmgren and therefore provides directors and producers with a unique view of the psychology of those they are auditioning, the roles they are auditioning for and how those individuals might be brought to the character through a rehearsal process.

Studio One at GFCA London
Our facilities

Giles Foreman Casting and Coaching offers 


  • A Casting Service

  • A package of Casting and actor Coaching.


We have modern premises in central Soho, London housing The Giles Foreman Centre for Acting, with a well equipped casting facility.


Beautiful rooms, comfortable waiting areas, cameras, wi-fi, and blue screen are available. For photographs and full details check the STUDIO HIRE specifications below.


Giles has a wonderful team of casting assistants working at the GFCA, who are available to provide constant support to our clients. For more about what is offered there, please check out the GFCA website.


Entrance to the Centre in Royalty Mews
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