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About Giles Foreman

Giles Foreman

As one of the Europe’s leading film acting coaches, Giles brings a wealth of experience in the creation of character and in the industry generally, working throughout Europe and the USA.


Giles is an expert on the Character Analysis work pioneered at the Drama Centre London under Yat Malmgren. He is therefore ideally placed to provide directors and producers with a unique view of the psychology of those they are auditioning, the roles they are auditioning for and how those individuals might be brought to the character through a rehearsal process.

Giles Foreman

Giles has worked as an acting coach at the Drama Centre, London; Deutsche Schauspiel Akademie, Berlin; The Forum for Filmschauspiel, Berlin; Creative Education, The City Lit; NODA; Stage Center – Jerusalem, the Pula International Festival of Theatre, Croatia; the International Festival of Making Theater, Athens; Trixter and Eicar in Paris; FOCAL in Switzerland; GFCA in Luxembourg; at the Centro del Actor in Madrid; First Take Schauspielschule in Koln, and Munich’s Acting Atelier. He is a specialist in realism for stage and screen and also the ‘Movement Psychology’ work of Yat Malmgren, introducing the work to a new generation of actors in Zurich, Berlin, Paris, Munich, Madrid and Rome.

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Giles Foreman Filmography
2015 Benjamin - Dir: Simon Amstell
2015 L’ame du Tigre - Dir: Francois Yang
2015 Oleander - Dir: Giles Foreman
2015 Der Verdacht - Dir: Sabine Boss
2014 Schutzlos (Tatort Luzern) - Dir: Manuel Hendry
2014 Klassentreffen - Dir: Ulrike Schweige
2014 Job's Dinner - Dir: Giles Foreman
2014 Der Kreis - Dir: Stefan Haupt
2013 Lilting - Dir: Hong Khaou
2013 Ziellos - Dir: Nicklaus Hilbery
2013 Tatort (Luzern - ongoing) - Dir: various
2013 Achtung Fertig Charlie 2 - Dir: Oliver Rihs
2013 Der Goalie bin Ig - feature Dir: Sabine Boss
2013 Autour de Luisa – feature. Dir: Olga Bailliff
2012 Sperm - short. Dir: Nicola Quilter
2012 Feuchtgebiete - feature. Dir: David Wendt
2012 Gletscherblut - feature. Dir: Mervin Kren
2012 Dawn - feature. Dir: Romed Wyder
2012 Das Missen Masakker - feature. Dir: Michael Steiner
2011 Romeos - feature. Dir: Sabine Bernardi
2011 X Men-First Class - feature Dir: Matthew Vaughn
2011 Immortals - feature. Dir: Tarsem Singh
2010 Sennentuntschi - feature. Dir: Michael Steiner
2010 Ruhestrorung - TV Movie. Dir Robert Ralston
2010 Hugo Koblett - feature. Dir: Daniel Von Aarburg
2006 Swiss Grounding - feature. Dir: Michael Steiner


Giles has coached on many movies, including the award-winning film by Hong Khaou, Lilting starring Ben Whishaw; Schutzlos (Tatort); Der Kreis (which recently won the Teddy award and the audience award at the Berlin Film Festival and has been nominated as an entrant for the best foreign language film at the Oscars); the multi award-winning film Der Goalie bin Ig directed by Sabine Boss; Dawn directed by Romed Wyder and starring Jason Isaacs (UK, Swiss and Israeli co-production); Gletscherblut directed by Marvin Kren (Austria); Swiss Grounding, Sennentuntschi and Das Schweizer Missen Massaker all directed by Michael Steiner; Pedaleur du Charme directed by Daniel von Aarburg; the award-winning Teddy-nominated Romeos directed by Sabina Bernardi; and Ruhestoerung directed by Robert Ralston. He also worked on the video for the Kooks single – Sway. He regularly coaches actors individually on films, and recently directed a short film, Job’s Dinner starring Maureen Lipman and Philip Franks.

Der Goalie bin Ig
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